Love at Sunrise

One of my favorite things in the whole world is the beach.  I love the smell of the ocean air, it’s salty and somehow clean.  The breeze is amazing and the views are like nothing else.  I remember when I was about 14 years old, my mom told me we were moving to Florida and I was so excited.  My Grandparents lived down in West Palm and my Great Uncle lived on Deerfield Beach when I was growing up, so when my mom told me that we were moving to Florida, all I pictured was the beautiful beaches.  I could not wait to move and I looked forward to it every single day.beach sunrise

The big day came and we loaded up the U-Haul and drove down to Florida, I could not have been more disappointed.  We moved to a small town outside of Ocala, if you don’t know Ocala is considered the Horse Capital of the World.  If you know anything about horses, you know there is no beach here.  Imagine my disappointment when I discovered the closest beach was about 100 miles away…  Throughout my teenage years, we made a few family trips to the beach, and my friends and I would carpool a few times over the summer so it was not such a big img_1190deal.  However, now that I am all grown up and have 4 children of my own, weekend getaways are not feasible.  My husband and I attempt to make it to the beach a few times a year.  fullsizerenderThese pictures are from our most recent visit, the oldest 3 children were away for the summer.  We decided -spur of the moment- at 10 pm to pack up and head to St. Augustine so that we could be there for the sunrise.  Izzie ate her breakfast as the sun peeked over the horizon.  Later, Daddy pitched a tent in the sand so that she could have some shelter from the harsh sun.  We spent the entire day at the beach relaxing and enjoying each other.  Sometimes, I wish I lived on the beach and other times I am just glad to have it as my getaway place.  I love taking off with my husband and kids and creating memories with them that I hope will last a lifetime for them.  I never want them to forget all the special places we visited when they were younger and all the time we spent together as a family.


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